Charcoal set
Charcoal set
Charcoal set
Charcoal set
Reformer Loops

Charcoal set

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Premium Reformer Loops

Our Premium Loops are neoprene lined for extra comfort which makes them a joy to use. Two different loop lengths give you options - whether you're using them around your hands or feet. The durable paracord connection is versatile and attaches easily to both clip and soft-rope attachments. The reduced noise provided by the paracord connection will improve your workout experience. 

Neoprene lining 

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Paracord for easy connection to both clip and soft rope attachments 

The neoprene lining is water and oil resistant 


Inflatable ball

What can we say. It's the ultimate prop. Hold it, squeeze it, roll with it.
Bring an extra layer of fun to your practice, add an extra challenge to your core. Explore balance & stability and target specific muscle groups more effectively. 

Thick PVC rubber

8" diameter 

Comes with individual pump

Resistance Band - Heavy 

Use it to facilitate, support or challenge you anywhere, anytime.

This soft fabric band has a non-slip lining so the band stays put while you move, stretch and squat!

Width: 3”

Circumference: 28”

Polyester & latex thread