Premium Loops + THE HUB - Dune

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Our collaboration with The Pilates Hub in Seattle. Double Loops for Reformer Pilates.

Experience the ultimate comfort and functionality with our Reformer Premium Loops. These durable double loops feature a neoprene lining that ensures cushioned comfort during every Pilates session.

  • Water & oil resistant Neoprene lining
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Paracord for easy connection to both clip and soft rope attachments
  • Soft on skin
  • Suitable for studio and personal use
  • Available in 7 stylish colors

Sustainably Made

Our Premium Reformer Loops, made from 100% GRS-certified recycled PET bottles. Featuring a neoprene lining for extra comfort and durability, our Premium Loops are your personal set for use in your Pilates Class.

Double Loop Design

What sets our Double Loop design apart is the versatility it offers. With two different lengths available for hands and feet, you have the flexibility to tailor your exercises to your specific needs.