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pilatesOn being a Pilates Instructor

On being a Pilates Instructor

One of the greatest things about being a Pilates Instructor is the connection we make with our clients. We are often the first to hear big news, the ones they confide in.  It is a very special job ...

Side Flow

A little side flow. I really love when you can seamlessly go from one exercise to another. I am doing this on a blue spring; I love how it challenges stability and mobility but also enables you to ...

pilatesReformer Loops - Premium

Reformer Loops - Premium

Our Premium Loops are the exact same Loops as our Lite, except they are lined with neoprene. We chose neoprene because its feels good, yet it is strong and supple to move with.  Sometime when you a...

pilatesReformer Loops - Lite

Reformer Loops - Lite

Our Lite Loops are made from 100% GRS certified PET bottles and are just that - LITE! Super compact and transportable. It is incredible how soft our fabric is against your hands and feet. We get so...

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