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A Day In Motion with Tristan Prettyman

A Day In Motion with Tristan Prettyman

We recently stopped by the incredible home of OG Loops user and musician Tristan Prettyman, to chat all things life and motion.

Tristan, what does a typical day look like for you?

Ideally it starts with chugging a big mason jar of water, then coffee, then movement.

Depending on if my son is with me that week, I drop him off at school then either take our big dog, Jacko, for a walk down by the beach or I’ll head to a pilates class. 

Then it’s time to get working on my new album - it's about 90% done at this point, so just organizing the final pieces, lyrics, melodies, etc. 

What made you start pilates?

I’ve always been a super active person with a lot of excess energy to burn! I grew up surfing and then got really into yoga when I was in my 20’s. Then somehow found pilates.

I used to do the hard-core, loud music, fast class,  but when I got pregnant my priority was to keep my pelvic floor as strong as possible. I worked with an instructor throughout my entire pregnancy and she taught me a lot about form, and how to do the moves correctly.

More recently I’d been going through a really bad breakup. I was so sad and depressed to the point where I couldn’t really get out of bed. A friend had started going to a local studio and asked if I wanted to join her, so I ended up at Pilates Republic. I became hooked. It got me out of bed and gave me something to look forward to.

What do you love about pilates?

I love that it lengthens and tones but is really the only time I ever stretch if I'm being honest. It has been such a nice compliment to my other activities; it's hard, but not too hard. I’m almost 42 and I feel more fit and healthy than I did in my 20’s. I think pilates has had a lot of to do with that. It never gets boring, never gets easy, and it's always a good idea!

Favorite Loops product and why?

I really love the Resistance Loops because I can add on resistance when I'm doing side splits, skaters and squats. But I also love the Ball when I am on my side for added support under my ribs, since I tend to collapse.

What inspires you?

Everything. I can really find inspiration anywhere. I think since having a kid, I have really tried to see the world anew through my sons eyes. With wonder and awe for the simplest things, and what it's like to see things for the first time, like a rainbow or a hummingbird hovering, or picking a carrot out of the ground.

These days I think a lot about life and death; and how did we all get here and why are we all here in this little window of time, on this planet with each other. A bit weird I know, maybe that's just what happens at 40.

What have you been reading & watching recently?

Two books I read recently and LOVED, Violeta by Isabel Allende and For My Sister by Puja Shah. Right now I’m reading The Women by Kristin Hannah and can’t put it down. As for shows, my significant other and I watch a lot of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I also just finished Griselda and The Gentleman on Netflix.

Favorite way to relax?

Hot Tub followed by a sauna and Ice Bath circuit.

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