Studio Spotlight

Studio Spotlight: Anthro Contrology

Studio Spotlight: Anthro Contrology

Meet Amanda, founder of Anthro Contrology in London.

Amanda was one of the first people to reach out to me when we started Loops. We bonded over our Scottish backgrounds, love of California and of course, pilates. 

I've loved watching her studio grow and see how here amazing style is reflected throughout, including the use of our Mint Loops.

Check out our recent Q&A with the lovely Amanda below.

Tell us about your Studio?
Anthro Contrology is a luxury reformer Pilates studio in the heart of Richmond, West London. It has been designed to provide an uplifting experience from start to end and provides a haven in our ever hectic world. We prioritise full body and mind wellness. The individually tailored, small group (maximum of 6) or private classes work towards elevating overall health in a space where all clients receive the personalised attention they deserve. Making personal connections with our clients and building a community is paramount to me and my team.

What sets Anthro Contrology apart?
We offer a premium, intimate space to step out of a whirlwind world and into an uplifting positive practice, allowing clients time to recalibrate and realign. We want our clients to leave feeling empowerment from the mindful practice of dynamic reformer Pilates at Anthro-Contrology. All of the teachers have been carefully chosen to reflect a sense of courage, kindness, discipline and determination.

How long have you been teaching / owned a studio?
I first discovered reformer Pilates in 2016 and founded Anthro Contrology in 2020 after 30 years of working in the fast and frantic film and entertainment industry. My Reformer Pilates class was my saving grace; it literally kept me on track to cope with life.
Biggest business lesson?
I think more of a slow realisation is that I am worthy and deserving. This only came after years of living with chaos and unnecessary upset.
Greatest joy in life?
My daughters - they are my reason for moving forward and evolving.
Favorite part of your day?
Always early mornings and setting up the studio. I love teaching morning classes. The anticipation of the day always brings so much promise. I take time to ensure the whole sensory experience welcomes our client from the moment they set foot inside the door. 
What are you reading / watching right now?
Just finished reading This Family by Kate Sawyer and recently watched Bodkin on Netflix.
Something you're loving, that we need to know about?
Absolutely love the skincare products by Mantle and adoring any summer dresses from Wiggykit - so beautiful. My go to for food is Barrafina (tapas) in Adelaide Street, it never disappoints. I love sitting at the counter and watching the chefs cooks - plus it only takes one tube ride from my home!
Fav Loops product and why?
Always the Premium Reformer Loops. The very first products I purchased after my reformers. I love the design and concept. Colours are gorgeous. I change loops depending on the season. Currently for summer we are using our Mint and Dune Premium Loops. So versatile and easy to keep clean...I pop them in a cold wash and dry! I talk about the design and Reformer Loops at least three times a week to anyone who will listen!
If we come visit your studio, what is the other must do in the area?
 We are located in the heart of Richmond (where Ted Lasso was filmed!). Richmond has stunning riverside walks and green open spaces, perfect for meeting family and friends. A visit to Petersham Nurseries for food or afternoon tea. Also we have a good variety of bars and restaurants - most of which are dog friendly! 

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